Our environmental charter

Be the change that you wish to see in the world ! – Gandhi

L’arbre aux étoiles aims at improving the world in which we live through eco-friendly practices, with the objective to sensitize our guests.

Concept, construction and equipment

  • landscaped insertion
  • wood construction, eco friendly insulation in wood wool and cellulose wadding
  • decoration involving as much as possible craftwork made of natural ressources and made in France
  • eco-friendly bedding in sheep wool, made in France, and sheets in organic cotton
  • harmonisation of the site based on Feng Shui and Geobiology principles

Energy and water saving

  • rain water used for toilets, and compost toilets in the tents
  • solar panels (coming soon)
  • phytosanitary purification of used water
  • heating by woodstove in the main rooms
  • low consumption household electrical appliances

Environmental management

  • waste sorts and compost
  • kitchen garden in permaculture, hens and horses
  • priority given to local species
  • development of biodiversity
  • beehives


  • mainly organic food, local and vegetarian (chicken or fish upon request), with focus on raw


  • workshops & seminars dedicated to wellness and healing, knowledge transfer and behavioural skills
  • involvment of local actors
  • events (concerts, workshops, conferences, projection, children workshops…) adressing local population with the objective of creating a local network of people working for a better world
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