Our raison d’être

Our name

L’arbre aux étoiles (literally « Tree with stars ») aims at placing both nature and humanity at the heart of our concerns, in a global approach. We have imagined this place as a bridge between two worlds too often opposed yet complementary: a world very anchored (symbolized by the tree) and a more cosmic world (symbolized by the stars). We also named this place with regards to the view, which mainly consists of trees and stars…

A wonderful place where trees and birds surround and caress the mind. – Maria-Elena

Our vocation

L’arbre aux étoiles is meant to address workshops & seminars dedicated to wellness and healing, with the idea of know-how transmission along with behavioural skills :

  • Yoga, Qi Gong…
  • Personnal development
  • Artistic creation
  • Positive education
  • Permaculture
  • Fasting and detox
  • Intuition
  • Communicating with animals
  • Meditation
  • Raw cuisine
  • Happiness at work

In this place of knowledge transfer, man enable different worlds to converge – Santé Yoga

Our concept

L’arbre aux étoiles is not exactly a hotel nor a bed & breakfast. It is a bit of both: a homely place where to experience a harmony with nature and discover or improve creative talents. It’s also about being able to savour the time for :

  • A book from the library for a peaceful reading in a hammock
  • A massage or a bath in the hot tub
  • Watching the stars
  • Playing the piano
  • The beautiful walks around


Yoga as a lifestyle ! – Yoga Journal

Our assets

  • Ecological construction
  • A place close from Paris (2h) and yet very different (clear view, close from the sea, contemporary architecture opened on the outside)
  • A human-sized place, dedicated to a sigle group or workshop
  • A place focused on multidiscipline practices so as to embrace global holistic approach, and body-soul-spirit alignment
  • A place where the choice of simplicity is not to the detriment of comfort, aesthetics ou good food
  • A seek for end to end consistency between a place, a practice, meals, and service

Heaven and Earth get sense here. Naturally, life. – Brigitte

In 2023, l’arbre aux étoiles celebrated its 10th anniversary

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