Cyril and Maÿlis

In 2012,… we jumped !

After almost 20 years in finance and IT consulting in Paris, Maÿlis has decided to settle in her region, and launch a family and meaningful project. In parallel, she studies naturopathy and positive education.

Cyril has formelly worked as a freelance project manager for entertainment agencies or publicity agencies. He now focuses on developping l’arbre aux étoiles, which fulfills his wish for everyone finding his own nature. Also, he has been studying geobiology since 2013.

L’arbre aux étoiles is about giving sense to their professional competencies, by letting them serve eco-friendly purposes in a project that creates economic activity in a rural area, while promoting values of know-how transmission and sharing.

Finally, rural tourism is not new to them : they have managed from 2006 to 2008 a travel agency that proposed slow bike tours (Sidecar Ural et Royal Enfield). Also, they rent cottages in Saint Thurien, 20 km away. (

La famille Guiraud !
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